Making sure you capture before + after pictures of all your projects is literally money in the back, You can use images for your social media platforms, your website and blog and of course, to show in offline portfolios – there is simply no other tool in your sales arsenal that can sell you better. Having said that, great pro photography can be pricey (and should be built into your project cost strategy) and sometimes it’s just not possible – for instance where a homeowner will not permit a full photoshoot . Enter – your phone camera and no one better to help you learn how to use it than Linda Holt who aside from being a design AND photography pro, also offers classes on phone photography for iPhone and Android.

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Join co-hosts KMB Communications CEO Katye McGregor Bennett , Modenus CEO Veronika Miller and guest presenter Linda Holt as she shares iPhone photography tips and tricks for your interior design projects. Learn about the top Dos and Dont’s and how to create almost pro-quality styling, lighting and final shots for your projects.

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