Dear parents of toddlers – we want to give all of you a medal for having made it through the past twelve months and frankly, us older peeps, have absolutely no idea how you did that!

Working from home is a challenge even outside of a pandemic, from physical wellness challenges – we’ve covered those in Design Impacts Lives Part 1 – to the perhaps even bigger questions around productivity, business/personal life threshold management and just plain old sanity – especially with the aforementioned co-workers toddlers in the house 24/7.

Important considerations must be given to work and life scheduling, personal space, mental health breaks and there are quite a few tips and tricks that special guests Laura Muller, Principal of Four Point Design Build and Yancy Wright, Owner of Alternavida Health & Wellness Retreats are here to share in the episode above.

Special thank you to Design Uncut Platinum Sponsor Mr Steam and VP of Sales and Marketing Martha Orellana for all they do in the world of wellness and design.

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